At eighth + autumn we believe every client deserves beautifully designed stationery, hand-crafted to perfection. Our main goal is to provide unique designs at an affordable price.  

If you're interested in a custom design please contact us no less than four months prior to your wedding or event for a personalised quote. 


one - fill the form
The first step is for you to fill the order form to inform us of your interest, in order to secure your dates in the event of a waiting list. The form will help us to give you a personalised quote for everything you require for your wedding stationery. We will get back to you within 3 business days with a custom design quote.

two - proposal
After the submittal of the order form, we will provide you with a proposal based on your requirements. This will include a quotation of the proposed pieces, as well as a time-line for us to work to.

three - deposit
Upon your acceptance of our proposal, a deposit is due to start the design process. This can be between 20-50% of the total cost of the project.

four - inspiration
Now for the fun part! After sharing your inspiration images and Pinterest boards we’ll send you 2 to 3 ideas for you to choose from. There is a restart fee of £50 should you choose to see more ideas from us.

five - proofing
At this stage, we’ll finalise your design, there are 5 free revisions, at which point all wedding details will be confirmed and checked by you.

six - final invoice
Once the designs are finalised, just before going to print, we will collect any outstanding payments. Invoices will be sent via Paypal. At this point, no more changes can be made to the designs

seven - printing
Your designs are now ready to print. Now, you leave it in our creative hands and wait for your invitations to arrive!

eight - delivery
Your wedding stationery has now been checked and assembled if necessary and ready to be shipped to you! We will package them and send them to you via tracked courier and inform you of a tracking number once they have been dispatched.

nine - address and assemble
Your invitations are now ready to be addressed and assembled by you to send to your guests.

ten - mail to guests!
Now it's time to send them to your guests and wait for RSVP cards to appear in your mail box!